Jokichi Takamine invented the world’s first starch degrading enzyme, Taka-Diastase, in 1896, and extracted and crystallized adrenaline for the first time in the world in 1900, and is known as the “Father of Modern Biotechnology. These two medicines have been used in the medical field for more than 100 years without changing their form until today. Jokichi also proposed the establishment of RIKEN, contributed to the development of the power supply in Kurobe, and was active in promoting goodwill between Japan and the United States, donating the famous Washington cherry tree to the U.S., all thanks to his efforts.

[#1]”Takadiastase medicine bottles sold in Japan” 1899 sales started.

[#2]”Adrenaline medicine bottles sold in Japan” 1902 sales started.

[#3]”Cherry blossoms along the Potomac River and the Washington Monument” They are donated to Washington by the City of Tokyo in 1912.

[#4]”RIKEN at the time of its founding” Dr. Takamine proposed the establishment of RIKEN to Eiichi Shibusawa, and the institute was founded in 1917.


[#5]”Kurobe Dam” Dr. Takamine initiated the development of Kurobe’s power supply and aluminum industry.

Dr. Takamine’s Biography and List of Related Projects

18540Born on November 3 at his mother's family (sake brewer) in present-day Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. The following year, he moved to Kanazawa to be with his father, Seiichi, who was a doctor for the lord of Kaga clan.
186511Studied English in Nagasaki while a student at Meirindo, a school of the Kaga clan.
187925As one of the first students, he entered the "Koubu Daigakukou" (now the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo) and graduated at the top of his class in the Department of Applied Chemistry. The following year, he went to Glasgow, Scotland to study.
188430Sent to the New Orleans World's Fair in the U.S. as a government clerk and stayed there for one year. Engaged to Miss Caroline.
189945[Photo #1] "Sankyo Shoten" was established and Taka-Diastase was launched in Japan. D. degree in engineering.
190046[Photo #2] Success in crystallizing adrenaline, marking the beginning of the development of endocrinology and neuroscience.
191258[Photo #3] He has made great efforts to donate Japanese cherry trees to Washington, D.C. and other cities. Received the Imperial Academy Award.
191763[Photo #4]RIKEN is founded. The America Japan Society is established in Tokyo ( 1st president: Kentaro Kaneko).
191965[Photo #5] Advocated the development of an aluminum industry in the Hokuriku region. Began development of the Kurobe River power supply.
192267He passed away on July 22 at the age of 67. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York. A memorial service was held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in October of the same year.